Some Street Food Recommendations for When you are in Paris

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When on a Paris tour, there is usually a plethora of sights to see and limited time in which to see them. That means would not want to spend a lot of time sitting down for lunch or dinner, making quick, tasty and healthy meals an attractive option. We are not talking KFC or Burger King, but Parisian street food. Following is a list of some of the best.

L’as du Fallafel

This place serves the best falafels in the neighborhood. If you have not eaten one before, it is a mouth watering Middle Eastern food, which will easily get you hooked. L’as du Fallafel always has long lines, but it is worth the wait. Ten minutes of standing in line and you get to enjoy the best quality falafels before heading out to explore the Marais neighborhood.

La Droguerie

Known for its delicious desserts, La Droguerie serves some mean crepes. It shares the street with L’as du Fallafel. You get to choose from a ton of flavors, and rest assured they would have something that suits your palette. This place too has long line, but again, it is worth the wait.

Cantine California

A food truck and a restaurant that make lip smacking hamburgers and tacos; enough said. You will find the food truck at Marché Raspail on Fridays and at Marché Saint Honoré on Wednesdays. The restaurant is located at 46 Rue Turbigo, in the third district. The service here is quick, so if you are in the neighborhood and in a hurry, this is the perfect place to get a taste of home.

Big Fernand

Located at the center of the Montorgueil neighborhood, the Big Fernand creates and serves some heavenly homemade hamburgers. They use fresh ingredients, which you will surely notice when eating there. It is small and crowded most of the time, which makes take-away the best option. Heads up: prices begin at 15 Euros.

L’Avant Comptoir

If you are ever in the Latin Quarter and hungering for Spanish cuisine, head to L’Avant Comptoir for some tapas. You will get quick, measured bites so you do not accidentally upset your stomach. They also serve appetizers, or you can follow one of the sensible recommendations from the friendly staff. The ambience is remarkably relaxing, because you are surrounded by locals, with a spattering of odd tourists, who heard of the place and decided to visit.