The Most Awesome Ice Cream Parlors in Paris

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Paris tours could never be complete without tasting the awesome ice creams and desserts it has to offer you. The French people actually have a great attachment to desserts and ice creams. Furthermore, you would be able to taste the most awesome and richest ice creams you have ever tasted in Paris. Below are some awesome shops in Paris that are well known for the quality ice creams they serve.


Berthillon has been keeping its name for being the most popular ice cream parlor in the city from the 60’s. This shop is loved greatly by both the tourists and the locals. You would always be able to see long queues before this shop, which could go so long that, at times, it would even extend up to the Île-Saint-Louis corner.

This ice cream parlor features about 60 different ice cream flavors, amongst which, 30 flavors change with the season. The expert ice cream makers at this place offer spectacular flavorful ice creams, which could impress guests of all tastes. The various flavors featured at this place include delicious strawberry sorbet, rich and velvety vanilla, fascinating pineapple basil or salted caramel, and many other tasty and offbeat flavors. You could also ask them to mix different flavors and create your own creamy goodness.

The Ice Cream Tray

This splendid ice cream shop is located in the 7th arrondissement in Le Bac à Glaces. This wonderful shop from the beginning of the 80’s has been serving both creative and traditional flavors of ice creams. The ice creams offered at this place are really simple yet extremely delicious.

The interior, as well as the exterior of this building, resembles a conventional French restaurant. The flavors they serve at this place changes with the impulses of the season. The flavors including coconut and Pineapple or avocado are really must try ice cream flavors of this place.


The main specialty of this shop is its rich Italian gelato. This is something, which you should definitely try during the days of summer, as it is very smoothening and satisfying. Even though the place has only a few gelato options than other gelaterias, they really provide a detailed and traditional Italian gelato.

One of the most loved Italian gelatos served here is the Pozzetto, which is a dessert that is always prepared using fresh ingredients. They usually serve this dessert at this place in a spatula rather than with a boule, or as scoops.