Things to Do in Paris in Winter

Paris walking tours

Paris walking tours

Paris is a wonderful place that looks stunning all the time despite the seasons. Whether it be winter, summer, spring or autumn, this city will never fail to mesmerize people with its magnificent beauty. It offers a wide range of options for its visitors to indulge in different seasons. Even if it is a freezing winter night or a warm sunny day, you will never run out of options.

Winter adds a special charm to Paris, when it is covered with the white blankets of snow that is dusted over the trees, rooftops and roads. The sparkling snowflakes falling from the sky is quite a sight to watch. If you love snow and cold weather, then winter is the ideal time to plan your Paris tours. We list some of the wonderful activities you can do in Paris during the winter season when the days are chilling and the nights are freezing.

Go ice-skating

Want to polish your ice-skating skills? Then this is the best opportunity. There will be a large number of ice-skating rinks set up in different parts of Paris and also at many of its famous attractions. You can have some fun time with your friends and family by chasing each other on the ice rinks while skilfully gliding through the ice.

One of the famous destinations you can head to for indulging in ice-skating is the Grand Palais des Glaces. It gives you a chance to have a wonderful time on the ice but only for a few weeks during the winter season. Therefore, make sure to check the dates so that you do not miss this fun. Another destination is the Trocadero ice rink that you can access for a cheaper price and is right in the view of the Eiffel tower.

Enjoy the colors of Champs Elysées

This street will be sparkling with colors in the winter season and it’s just a magnificent experience to sit and take in these vibrant colors and also gaze at the different displays in front of the various shops here. Lights with vivid and brilliant colors make this city a spectacular sight where you can take endless photos to post on your social media accounts.

Have a warm hot cocoa

The feeling of having a cup of coffee or hot chocolate on a cold day cannot be compared to anything else. You would want to eat a lot of food and drink hot beverages during the chilling weather outside. Hence, head to a café and order a big cup of beverage you like. This will make your insides warm.

There are a large number of cafés located throughout the city. You can see a variety of cuisines here and you will never get disappointed. Take this opportunity to enjoy some traditional dishes in Paris that will leave you yearning for more.

Winter sales

Are you a shopaholic? Then winter is the right time to go on a shopping spree. There will be a large number of markets and shops across Paris that will be specifically set up for the winter season. You can get anything and everything from these shops, from apparel and accessories to handicrafts and food items. You name it and they will have it.

Another attraction of winter sales is that you can buy all these items for discounted rates. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe and to get some wonderful gifts for your loved ones. Hence, head to a winter market and shop and shop till you drop.

See the fine arts

Paris is rich with a large number of museums and monuments. These attractions will get crowded during the winter days as the people who are trying to escape from the cold weather will flock to these places. The Musee d’Orsay and the Opera Garnier are two great options you should definitely visit. It will be a memorable experience for you to witness a ballet performance with your family while admiring the stunning insides of the opera. Also, visiting these attractions will help you to see some world-class artworks created by many legendary artists of art history.

Explore the Secrets of Paris

Parisians love to shop and wander around the city and when the winter began to annoy them, they started to construct covered passages that will help them to walk around the city without worrying about the snow and the cold climate.

These passageways now house a large number of shops and cafés and hence, they became a wonderful destination for enjoying a coffee or a snack while keeping yourselves warm.

Go for a night walk

This is one of the great ways to enjoy your winter days in Paris. Put on something warm clothes and take a night walk through the streets of Paris to enjoy its enthralling beauty when it will be shining with lights. This will be a memorable experience for you, especially if your loved ones are with you. A night walk during a cold winter day is one of the best Paris walking tours you will get during your trip.