Things to Know about the Famous Nuit Blanche Festival in Paris

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Paris is one of the best options if you prefer to explore a place that boasts timeless beauty and most modern attractions. The city always holds a prime position in pushing the bars of innovation and architectural designs. In fact, new attractions tend to pop up in the French capital with every passing day. No wonder, visitors usually get overwhelmed when it comes to picking an itinerary for their Paris walking tours.

One of the best options that you may enjoy in this hot on the heels city is the Nuit Blanche festival. This is actually a great choice for all the nightlife and fashion lovers out there.

Nuit Blanche Festival

October is one of the best months to explore Paris. With the beauty of ceps and wild girolles piled up in the Parisian market and the days of grey sprinkle on the boundary, it the time to witness one of the greatest fashion weeks in the French capital. So, come and enjoy dusk to dawn marathon of La Nuit Blanche rather than hibernating at your luxurious hotel. This would be great to make your trip an exciting and memorable affair.

Nuit Blanche festival was organized in the Paris city for the first time in 2002, and from then on, the festival has become one of the most popular annual attractions for all the locals as well as the visitors. This rocking event usually takes place on the first Saturday of the month of October. In 2018, this all night fashion art event is scheduled for October 6. The event usually takes place from 07:00 pm to 07:00 am, and surprisingly, everything here is free of cost. Nuit Blanche festival is also referred to as White Night for its unique timing, and colloquially, people call the event an all-nighter.

Of course, this is not the first all-night event in the world to brag about, but it is the first of its kind. White night event is dedicated solely to contemporary arts. In order to add to its grandeur, it spawned many other similar events all around the world. This sleepless art event is an initiative of respected socialist Mayor Bernard Delanoe. Note that he is also known for the initiatives such as Velib bike tours and the summer attraction, Seine-side Paris Plage. Both these attractions gave a clunky, but contemporary appeal to the city. Currently, Nuit Blanche festival is currently celebrating its 9th year of glory.

Practical Steps to Take

The idea of White Night event may sound crazy for some people as it entails four partying neighborhoods, meetings with unknown people at different parts of the city, 50 OFF events, etc. Yet, it is one of the best and unique ways to explore the city.

Even if there are a number of options that you can do in the Nuit Blanche festival, it is better to preplan things in order to make use of your time efficiently. For this, check out the official website of the city authority that offers a customizable map of Paris. You can choose the things such as attractions, hotels, museums, restaurants, boutiques, etc., that you prefer, and mark them on the map. Then print it out and keep it with you during your dusk-to-dawn White Night marathon.

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The venues will be usually stuffed, but the metros will run all night on this day. Additionally, there will be extra bus services in order to make it comfortable for the all-nighters. If you want detailed information, you may check out the official website of Nuit Blanche too. The details regarding the transport option for physically disabled people will also be included on the website.

What to Wear

Since Paris is regarded as the fashion capital, the dress you put on for the event will be a great deal. When it comes to the weather, it is unexpectedly balmy at this time. Hence, you may wear something really captivating and in-vogue for the event. It is one of the greatest fashion weeks in the city, after all. Nevertheless, it is recommended to keep a raincoat or warm scarf handy since you cannot predict the weather in Paris. Additionally, it is better to keep a pair of sensible shoes since the night is going to be really long.

Guidelines to Follow

There are mainly three tours that are regarded as the main highlights of the event. All the tours this year are related to the emblematic sights in Paris. On your tours, you may witness the incredible beauty of different monuments that boasts the skill and talents of the Parisian architects. Additionally, you may enjoy the performances of veteran artists.

One of the best attractions of White Night 2108 is the 22 hours of concert organized at Paris Philharmonie and Cité de la Musique. The four unique programs that you may enjoy include Journey in America, Night with the Composer’s Ghost, Meeting with Eric Satie, and Studio Venezia Tribute Concert. Furthermore, you can also explore the Parisians museums free of cost during the White Night festival.