Things to Know before Visiting the Paris Opera House

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If you are a person who has read the famous “The Phantom of the Opera” book or if you have at least saw any on the films or musicals that are loosely based on the book, then you will be familiar with the Opera House in the City of Lights. The Paris Opera house should be on top of the list of places to see in Paris if you are a music lover.

Several tourists who are going on Paris tours for the first time in their life are not aware of the fact that the Paris Opera house was built by the internationally renowned architect, Charles Garnier. The architect was selected by the French Emperor, Napoleon III after he won a contest. The design put forward by this artist solved the pressing issue of accommodating large audiences inside the Opera House.

The construction of the Paris Opera house began in 1862. However, the issue was that the 12,000 square meters plot, which was assigned for building the Opera House, was swampy. As a result, it took approximately eight months for the builder to finish the foundation of the massive structure. After several years of construction, the Opera House of Paris opened its door to the public in 1875.

If you want to gain entry to the inside of the Paris Opera House, then you will need to buy a ballet ticket from the counter. The stunning interior architecture of this massive structure will amaze you. The impressive stairs and the famous ceiling of the Opera House are a few things you do not want to miss while you are visiting the French capital.

You will be able to find a number of big stores near the Opera House of Paris. The Grands Magasins or big department stores in the city are considered as a symbol of Art Nouveau and French fashion by many. You can find clothes, furniture, and several other items in these stores.

If you are a film buff, then you should head straight to the Grand Rex Cinema after visiting the Paris Opera House. The Grand Rex Cinema is just a few kilometers away from the Paris Opera House. The Grand Rex Cinema is one of the historical monuments in the City of Lights but all the movies displayed here are in French.