Three Must See Attractions in Gare Du Nord

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The Gare du Nord of Paris, which was designed by the famed Second French Empire architect Jacques Hittorff, was opened to the public in the year 1864. Tourists who are going on their first Paris tours might not have heard about this Parisian neighborhood because it is not the most prettiest or popular neighborhood in the City of Lights. However, a number of attractions and spots in the city still make Gare du Nord worth a visit during your Paris walking tours.

The best thing about Gare du Nord is that it is constantly bustling with tourist and visitors just like any other Parisian neighborhood. The typical Parisian charm and the stunning attractions in the Gare du Nord make it an ideal destination for the ones who love to explore Paris to its fullest. One of the lesser-known facts about Gare du Nord station is that the streets in the east part of the station are home to the Indian community in Paris. Below are some of the most visit attractions in Paris’ Gare du Nord.

Marché Saint Quentin

Marché Saint Quentin is actually an iconic food market in Paris, which was opened to the public in the mid 18th Century. You can find more than 30 shops that sell cheese, fish, and meat in the market. In addition to that, tourists and natives who are visiting this market will also be able to enjoy Italian, Portuguese, African, and Moroccan cuisines.

Eglise Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

Eglise Saint-Vincent-de-Paul is actually a church, which is dedicated to Saint Vincent de Paul. Hittorff designed this fascinating church, which was consecrated in the year 1874. The “scandalous” enamel plaques on the churches’ façade that depicted nude figures of Adam and Eve were removed after the church was opened to the public. However, the authorities restored these figures a few years ago.

Ganesh Temple

If you take a stroll through the northern side of Paris’ Gare du Nord, you will able to see a Hindu temple that is dedicated to the Hindu god Ganesh. The famous Fête de Ganesha parade organized by the temple every year will help you to know more about the traditions and cultures of Hindus. If you wish to visit this temple, make sure to keep your footwear outside and bring a flower or fruit as offering to God Ganesh.