Tips to Maximize your Time in the French Capital

Paris Walking Tours

Paris Tourist Attractions

Paris is one of the most popular cities on the globe, serving up a number of awesome things you can do and see while you visit here. The capital city of France would definitely rank near the top of the average bucket list. After all, who could fail to be taken in by the beautiful landscapes, architectural aesthetics, gastronomic options, and nightlife here? The problem with most visitors though, is that they start off too ambitious with the itinerary for their Paris walking tours, intending to cover almost every major landmark they can reach.

This is not a practical option if you are in the city for a short trip that spans only up to 7 days or so. You may be wondering about the perfect way to maximize the time in you spend here. Below are some nifty practices that can make your Paris walking tours into a truly fulfilling experience.

Skip the Lines

According to some studies, the number of visitors coming to Paris tops 30 million each year, and keeps going nowhere but up. Clearly, you can expect tourist pandemonium at most of the popular landmarks in the city, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, etc. One of the smartest things you can do to beat this crowd, is invest in city passes. With such passes, you can simply skip the lines and get fast-track entry into the major Parisian highlights. You can use the extra time from that to check out more Parisian neighbourhoods while on your Paris walking tours.

Plan Ahead

You can maximize your time in Paris by pre-planning things wisely. Tourists would normally purchase city passes to skip the lines as mentioned earlier. However, each pass works only for a fixed number of days from first use. If, for example, you used your museum pass at 05:00 pm to enter the Louvre or any other museum, that gets counted as day 1. Every day you skip use after that is effectively a waste of the card. Ideally, try and cover at least 3 attractions a day using your passes, and skip using them if you plan on getting up to mid-day activities which preclude visits. Book your museum tickets online, and beat the tourist mayhem.

Don’t Waste your Time at Restaurants

It is true that the comfy restaurants in the French capital make up a huge part of the visiting experience everyone craves. That said, the average establishment takes overwhelming amounts of time to take your order, as well as to serve it. Hit up a small bistros or street-side food stall instead to enjoy drool-worthy French dishes without wasting too much time.