Tips to Order at French Bakeries like a True Parisian

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Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world that flaunts a number of shades such as aesthetics, wondrous architecture, history, culture, authentic cuisine, and whatnot. Of course, one of the main things that may pop into your mind as you heard of the French capital will be the tasty food dishes and authentic French wine here. After all, the culinary culture of Paris is an extremely popular attraction that attracts visitors. In fact, people who visited the city claims that wrapping up your Paris city tours without sampling tasty food varieties here such as patisserie, boulangerie, etc., will be a crime.

Speaking of patisserie, you can see striking bakeries and pastry shops at every nook and cranny of the city. In fact, this is one of the main staples that define the Parisian food culture. However, you must know how to order food at Parisian bakeries and it can be a bit intimidating at times, especially of the server does not know English. Do you know that you will have to order separately for a softer baguette and a well-done baguette? Plus, there are differences between traditional and regular baguettes. If you also have private Paris tours on the horizon and is wondering how to order food at a French bakery, you may refer to the points given below.


First, you must know the basics of ordering your food. Start by saying hello to the salesperson at the bakery to make a good impression. Rest, you can manage by holding up and pointing fingers if you don’t know French. In most cases, the storekeeper will understand English since Paris is a tourist destination and they are likely to interact with several visitors from all over the world. However, if the person doesn’t know English and you would like to order stuff, you can consider learning the following words.

  • Bonjour – hello
  • Un – one
  • Je prend – I will have or I will take it
  • Deux (duh) – two
  • S’ilvous plait – please
  • Merci – thanks

Now you must know about the most common items that can be seen at the Parisian bakeries or the ones that you are likely to order. The way you pronounce the same noun will be entirely different when it comes to the same stuff but with different properties. Hence, try to master some of those French words and order your favorite things. Plus, you can always rely on an online tool to covert things to French from your regional language. Some of the common and drool-worthy items that you can find at Parisian bakery shops include;

  • Baguette (ba – gett)
  • Croissant (Kwah – sahn)
  • Quiche (Keesh)
  • Macaron (Mack – ah – ron)
  • Éclair (aye – Claire)
  • Framboise or Tarte au Fraises (Frahm – bwaz/ tart oh frehz)

Just make use of these tips to order your favorite dishes once you are at a Parisian bakery next time.