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Paris has an abundance of pools and sports complexes and is the perfect city for practicing your preferred game. Hence, everyone gets a kick of passion when visiting Paris. While there are several destinations and resources like pedometers and push-bicycles, you will not have to miss any equipment while you are in the city. There are various excellent sports stores in the city which you can visit after your Louvre museum tour. Below is a discussion on some of the top sports outlets you can visit to pick up quality sports products.

Budo Store

For any individual who likes to explore, the fifth arrondissement is loaded with little amazements. On the rear side of this rich twofold entryway at 34 lament de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève, is a popular spot among martial arts devotees: Budo Store. It is also the place of origin for French karate. It was created under the careful eye of Henry Plée, better known as ‘mountain’.


Established in 1979 by Raymond Cornou, long-distance race hero of the eighties, this outlet has all the running apparatus comprehensible: Nike, New Balance, Asics, or Puma for trainers. There are also garments by Adidas, Salomon, Ronhill Mizuno, or Raidlight. Further, do not miss the brilliant collection of accessories– sports watches, gloves, and even earphones. An absolute must-visit for anybody planning to step into the revered 26 miles.

Cycles Alex Singer

Alex Singer’s built his Levallois-Perret store in 1938. This place still offers probably the best bicycles you can discover on French streets. What’s more, in spite of the fact that it has undergone a change of ownership throughout the years, the quality has stayed top-class.

Boxing Shop

There are not many spaces in Paris devoted simply to battle sports. At Boxing Shop, this is the case; only battle sports. This includes Thai, Krav Maga, French, and English boxing. There is an excellent scope of hardware and dress for learners and experts, including hanging and inflatable punch packs. What’s more, since this kind of sport demands a reasonable level of safety, they all sell shields and cushioning for both genders.


This is a Canadian ready-to-wear brand which is responsible for makes attractive, eco-friendly sportswear for ladies. The light-filled wooden space features collections produced using breathable materials with eco-compatible origins. This includes natural cotton, bamboo fiber, and reused plastic.

Consider visiting the above sports stores if you are looking to purchase sports goods while in Paris.