Unique Things to Do in the French Capital

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Paris city can be considered as the epitome of beauty. No wonder, almost every traveler chooses the French capital as his or her ultimate travel destination. The city is crammed with wondrous architectures, talented artists, high-end fashion, delicious French food, and many more, that contribute to the inviting feel that the city offers. However, there are some unique places in the City of Lights as well that are least explored by the tourists, and hence, will be less crowded.

Below are some of the unique places in the city that you can choose for a serene escape from the bustling city life. Pay a visit to some of these offbeat attractions during your next Paris walking tours to make your holidays worth remembering and adventurous.

Shop at the Exceptional Saint-Ouen Flea Market

Located in the northern suburbs of the French capital, the Saint Ouen Flea Market is one of the best places that you can visit in the Paris city if you want to step into the real Parisian culture. This place is especially desirable for all the shopaholics out there, as there is a lot of treasured Parisian stuff like clothes, accessories, furniture, home decors, etc., in this market. Actually, there will be hardly anything, which you will not be able to find here. Note that this wonderful market is at a distance of just around 7 km from the center of Paris city.

Relish a Drink in a French Palace

The Paris city is well known for various palaces and other forts here. It will be the dream of almost every tourist to peek into these amazing architectures or to wander in any of these palaces. Fortunately, there are many bistros and coffee shops in the French capital, which exactly replicate a French palace. So, make sure to relish a tasty coffee in the royal way from any of these goliath restaurants when you are on your Paris walking tours.

Explore the Iconic Cemeteries in the City

It may seem bizarre to take a tour of a cemetery, but not in Paris. Unlike other cemeteries, some of the Parisian cemeteries such as the Montmartre cemetery and the Pere Lachaise can be categorized under the must-see places in the City of Lights. The aesthetic beauty and the serene atmosphere that these cemeteries behold are up to that extent. Furthermore, these cemeteries are also the final resting places of many popular artists.