When is the Best Time to Visit Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny

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Claude Monet is a world-famous French painter, and is widely regarded as the ‘Father of French Impressionism’ an artistic style of the late 19th Century. Some of Monet’s contemporaries at the time include Edouard Manet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, to name two French artists. Impressionism style of painting is unique since impressionists take inspiration from nature.

Claude Monet is known for painting Water Lilies, a series of oil canvas paintings that started from mid 1900’s to the early 20th Century. During that time, Giverny village was home to Monet’s workshop or atelier, as lovers of painting refer to such dwellings of artists. That is the place from where they work, live, get inspired from landscapes, and come up with mind-blowing renditions on canvas.

When you choose to visit the home of Monet in the namesake garden in Giverny on Paris tours, you will come across the exact place to have inspired the artist to paint Water Lilies. Visiting the Claude Monet’s garden at Givenry village in person is a chance of a lifetime that will bring back to life the astounding work. An alternative to that is to explore ‘Nymphéas bleus’ also known as ‘Blue Water Lilies’ painting displayed at the Musée d’Orsay at Paris City.

The village retains the medieval charm of the City of Lights and resides around 80 kilometers outside the city. It is worth a trip during daytime from downtown Paris or the left flanks of the Seine River, which is where the museum resides. Musée des Impressionnismes is home to the Monet’s garden, which comes with affordable entrance costs for a coveted entry to Monet’s masterpiece.

The garden named after Claude Monet includes two parts. First one namely ‘Clos Normand’ a section dedicated to flowers in front of the artist’s house, and the second is ‘The Water Garden’ that is inspired by a Japanese garden that Claude Monet knew about from his print avid collections. In the ‘Water Garden,’ at Monet’s Garden you will come across a Japanese bridge alongside other bridges alongside Nympheas flower that blooms during summer.

The garden is closed as of now for the winter season alongside Monet’s house. It will reopen on March 23, 2018. From then on, it will stay open every day from 09:30 am to 06:00 pm until November 1, 2018.