Why you Should Visit Canal Saint Martin during Paris Walking Tours

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Tourists who have seen Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s 2001 blockbuster movie, Amélie, might be familiar with Paris’ Canal Saint-Martin. This is because the tree-shaded quays and iron footbridges of Canal Saint-Martin served as the backdrop to some of the famous scenes in the Academy Award nominated movie.

This 19th-Century waterway in the City Of lights currently draws a number of tourists to its appetizing bistros and shabby-chic bars. If you wish to explore the bohemian charm of the French capital while you are going on Paris walking tours, then you should head straight to Paris’ Canal Saint-Martin.

Canal Saint-Martin, which is situated on the North East side of the city, is a lovely little canal built in the 19th Century. The scenic and romantic walkways around the canal are the ideal spots for taking a long walk with your loved one. So, if you are going on Paris tours with your better half, then you shouldn’t miss a lovely walk here. Below are some of the best things you can do and see near Canal Saint-Martin.

La Vache dans les Vignes

La Vache dans les Vignes, which is a tiny shop, is the ideal destination for the ones who love wine and cheese. French has over 500 varieties of wines and 370 kinds of cheese and most tourists plan to taste them while they are in Paris. La Vache dans les Vignes is a small yet comfy shop with rare and delicious French wine and cheese. So, try to make a stop here during your Paris walking tours.

Le Petit Cambodge

Le Petit Cambodge is one of the best restaurants in Paris, which is located just a few meters away from the Canal Saint-Martin. In fact, the best Bo Buns in the City of Lights is served at this friendly restaurant. You might be a little bit surprised to hear that you will only have to pay 10 to 16 Euros for a delicious and hearty BoBun in Le Petit Cambodge.

Chez Prune

Chez Prune is a classic example of a traditional French bistro and it is one of the iconic restaurants located near the Canal Saint-Martin. Most of the items in the menu are delicious, authentic, and reasonably priced. Moreover, you could also go to the terrace of this bistro to enjoy a drink and watch ships sailing through the elegant canal.