Why you Should Visit Paris this February

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February is the perfect time to visit Paris and the cold weather prevalent in the time gives you a different view of the city. Paris is drenched in winter and the snow-covered walkways offer a truly distinctive experience of the city unlike any other. February is the time when Paris hosts several events that are worthy to check out during your Paris walking tours. You could do several other wonderful things while visiting Paris in February and some of them are described below.

Explore the Snow Covered Attractions

If you are getting ready for a visit to Paris in February, it is best that you start with its notable attractions first. The famed attractions in Paris like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumph look great when it snows. They are much adorable during the winter and have lesser crowds, which is another aspect that will let you view them in their entire splendor.

Visit the Restaurants

Parisian restaurants produce some extraordinary tastes during the winter, which is interesting particularly if you are a foodie. Special menus are prepared during February in most of the restaurants in and around the city. Visiting these restaurants is a great experience in itself and offers you a chance to relish some fine winter dishes. Some restaurants even have fireplaces giving you a rare opportunity to enjoy a bite while warming near the fire.

Attend the Paris Carnival

The Paris Carnival is one spectacular and unique event that you sure do not want to miss during a visit to the city in February. The carnival scheduled to take place on February 11 would be an experience in itself bound by the rich traditions that ruled the land since the middle ages. People in colorful costumes swarm the streets and showcase some dazzling performances during the carnival, and that would surely be a feast to your eyes.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day

There is nothing like Paris when you choose to proclaim your love or strengthen the bond during Valentine’s Day. The romantic nature of Paris makes it the ideal destination to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Be it rooftop dinners or cocktails, attending the opera at the Opera Garnier, or offering your proposal right at the banks of the Seine River, there are many such places in Paris to celebrate the day to its perfection.

Participate in the Salon de l’Agriculture

Salon de l’Agriculture or the Paris International Agricultural Show is surely one remarkable event held in the city from February 24 to March 4. You can witness some of the thriving farming traditions prevalent in the place and even taste some new varieties of cheese. Several varieties of cows, pigs, and chicken are displayed during this large show giving you a chance to know the rich farming and agriculture tradition prevailing in Paris.