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Zirconia, as in cubic zirconia (generally called CZ), is a synthesized diamond simulant. It is a cheap and very economical stone found in outfit jewelry. You may also find it in some valuable metal gems when people cannot bear the cost of the genuine stone. Note that it is made in a research facility and is a replacement for diamond. Read on to understand more about these diamond replacements that you may have read about in Beverly diamond reviews.


Zirconium has excellent protection from corrosion. For a long time, it has been utilized in the space, flight-related purposes and even the medicinal uses. The best part is that it is eco-friendly and non-poisonous. By a long shot, the greatest client of zirconium is the atomic power industry at about 90% of the world’s output. Additionally, zirconium has a high melting point scaling 3370 degrees Fahrenheit. Compare this with gold which has a melting point of 1948 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Zirconium Is Utilized In Jewelry

First, the gems maker or shop should buy the material. Regularly, these materials are brought as round bar stock.

To make the rings, the round bar stock is processed through computerized machines. Several sophisticated types of machinery are used. Note that they are not cast. Therefore, every measurement is exact with stunning precision.

Once the ring is milled it experiences an oxidation procedure. The ring is warmed to an extremely high temperature. The extraordinary warmth triggers a chemical reaction towards the outer side of the zirconium. The outcome is an excellent dark shading. This dark layer is the oxidation that occurred.

The oxidation layer is very hard. It can be said that they are as hard as sapphire. Furthermore, sapphire is utilized on top quality watches, for example, Rolex, for the precious stones because of their scratch-resistant characteristics. By examination, you may find that a mineral crystal or a glass crystal on a watch picks up scratch and chips more readily. Sapphires, on the other hand, are difficult to scratch. They are the hardest common gemstone, second only to diamonds. All things considered, this darkened zirconium has a lot of similarities to that. Indeed it is possible to scratch it, however, it is very difficult.

Black Zirconium Rings

It is a truly cool metal. It might be dark, yet you can get a two-tone look when using it. It combines well with different materials including meteorite, copper, gold, and sterling silver.

Remember the above factors about cubic zirconia if you consider using them in the future.