Where To Buy CBD Cream In Paris

It is not just the intricately built architecture, or the ambience of the city that sings of passion and romance. Paris has another reason to rejoice: with CBD, of course! France is another addition to the long list of countries that have done away with the law that illegalises CBD. Embracing the lifesaving drug is the way forward and making this herbal supplement accessible to every person on the planet is the need of the hour.

Although France has permitted the selling and possession of CBD under its roof, there are a barrage of restrictions that seem to change every few months or so. The CBD must be sourced only from hemp and hemp only! No marijuana source.

Further,the initially permissible limit of the psychoactive THC was 0.2%, which has now been made to nil; no trace of THC must be present in the CBD product under any circumstances. So if you have old CBD products that have the 0.2% THC, then be sure that you are not seen with it. Plus keep a wary eye on the limit of THC in the products that you buy next. And the most absurd of them all: the CBD must be extracted from the stem and seeds, and not the flower; irrespective of the THC content in the flower.

Most of the CBD companies that sell across the globe in Germany, USA, and Denmark have CBD products that pertain to the regulations there, and chances are that you will find CBD products that suit France’s CBD laws as well. There are many CBD brands and products to sift through, and what makes CBD special is how it affects different chemical make-ups differently. Not that different, but still noticeable in the dosage needed and the effectiveness. So while one CBD product of a particular dosage might do wonders for your friend, you might require a higher dosage or something with a higher potency to get the desired effects. So a bit of trial and error is needed from your part!

Of the several ways in which CBD can be packaged and sold, we will turn our gazes to CBD cream exclusively. We will be going through the top places from where you can buy CBD cream in Paris. Read on…

Cannabidiol- The Lifesaver

The magic herb has made its mark on the society and people have begun confiding in it. It is one of the 100 odd such compounds that you will find from a cannabis or hemp plant, CBD has turned into an everyday item; in our coffee, in our makeups, in our bathing soap, in our gummy candies in the glass jar up on the counter and many more.

CBD is everywhere. And this trend will continue in the years to come, and will turn to a multi-billion dollar industry, that may shadow others.

The CBD has gained the billions in fan-following rightly so; loads of benefits packed into a small size and the ability to infuse it to just about anything! Even if you have a problem that over-the-counter medication hasn’t been able to solve for you, then try out CBD and you will find yourself looking for more. Google the story of Charlotte Figi and you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Be it a panic attack that has made you lose control or insomnia that is making your eyes look bloodshot the minute you rise from bed, CBD can help you. Even if chronic pain is keeping you writhing and unable to enjoy a moment or stress from the overflowing stack of files on the desk is making you blow steam from your ears, then CBD can help you.

All of this without any intoxication! Now that is a combination of pluses in CBD that no other medicine can beat!

We will have a look at the top places for you to buy CBD creams in Paris.

Places Where You Can Buy Good Quality CBD Cream In Paris

Le Lab Du Bonheur CBD Store

Le Lab du Bonheur is a trusted name when it comes to CBD! The Store at 47 Rue de Malte, 75011 in Paris has top of the line products that are guaranteed to give you the quality that your money demands. The store has a warm vibe that beckon you in and the service by them is certainly one to appreciate and point out on. Any question that you may have about the product will be handled by the qualified staff at Le Lab du Bonheur.

Cibidol, Cannabooster, Ho Karan, The CBD Skincare Co. and Body Cann are a few of the loyal brands that you will see on the shelves.

  • Cibidol Acne Cream

“Swiss Purity” is the punch line printed squarely across their products. And it stands up to that statement beautifully! Cibidol is a CBD brand that has been in the scene for quite many years and has grown a reputation for itself, the likes of trustworthy and loyal. They make use of 100% natural Hemp source which is tested and analysed to get the most potent strain. The extraction methods and the subsequent testing is performed in their Swiss laboratory to make sure that the product quality is the best that money can buy.

Cibidol have a bunch of products from oils and creams, but their Acne cream stands out.

The Cibidol’s Acne cream is light to touch and will do wonders for your skin. You won’t feel the heaviness or greasiness and it spreads smoothly over the face. The formulation is such that it is deep penetrating and helps repair damaged skin tissue from the root up. The cream does a fabulous job in controlling the oil production on the skin and further preventing acne outburst especially during the hotter season where you will soak in your sweat.

  • Cibidol Hand Cream

This is another one of Cibidol’s good products that you can get a hold of in the store. It is a moisturizing cream that will turn your hand soft to the touch. The winters can get really harsh, and this can take a toll on your skin. You will start to notice slivers and white lines when you trace your nails along the skin. The Hand cream not only soften, but the CBD in it also heals and lets your skin rejuvenate. The aromatic scent of the cream is also amazing; the blend of aromatic essential oils indeed does put you in a state of calmness.

Take a generous portion and apply it on your hands before you are going to catch some sleep or once you’re done with the day’s activities. The CBD hand cream will work tirelessly on your hands while you rest!

You also have Cibidol’s Psoriasis cream that does a good job in controlling the bumpy red patches that happen as a result of the skin build-up. The CBD in the cream reduces the inflammation and reduces the intensity of the flare-up! A must try!

Le Lab CBD Shop

This is a great CBD retail that is located at 11 Rue d’Ormesson, 75004 in Paris. They are experts when it comes to CBD cosmetic products. They deal with high-end products that meet your expectations and beyond.

All the products they have on showcase conform to the THC standards, and are extracted from completely 100% organic natural hemp produces and are rigorously tested to ensure that quality is maintained uniformly. You can be rest assured that you can use these products with complete confidence and embrace CBD into your lives.

India cosmetics is one of theirs and include hand creams, moisturising creams, face creams among many others.

  • India’s Face Cream 100mL

This is a potent face cream that does a good job for all skin types. It is dermatologically tested and is completely safe to apply; so irrespective of whether you have dry, oily, normal or a combination of oily and dry skin, be rest assured that India’s Face Cream will be able to handle it.

The CBD present is extracted by means of Cold pressed CO2 extraction, making sure that the impurities in it is the minimum. They pride on not using any additives or preservatives that weaken the strength of the CBD; in other words this is a cream that is 100% organic!

Apply the cream over the face after you have washed up, and simply let it rest. You will see a marked difference in the quality and improved texture of the skin with a couple of uses.

  • India’s Moisturizing Body Cream 400mL

Since your face is covered, now is the turn for the rest of the body. The cream for the face is more subtle since the facial skin is more sensitive. India’s moisturizing cream is one that will bid your skin problems goodbye! The healing touch of the naturally cold pressed CBD along with lavender essential oils goes a long way in improving the quality of your skin. The CBD will soothe your body and reduce any rashes, reddening or inflammation. The cream is effective and tested safe for all skin types, so use without fear!

Do make sure to clean yourself up, and apply the CBD cream onto the arms, the neck, lower back and legs. That’s it! The rest is upto CBD. This is an all-day cream so make sure to regularly use the cream for best results. A must buy to keep your skin woes at bay!

The Final Note

There are many other CBD retail shops like Deli Hemp, Green Vallée, CBD Corner and online shops like Weedy that deliver great quality CBD products to your doorstep. Be sure to venture out to the city to discover any new and interesting CBD stores or products, because chances are, by the time you’ve read this article a new one may have come up down the block!