How Digital Signage Improves Cities?

One of the evident features of smart cities across the globe is the outdoor use of digital signs. Urban planners realised the improved efficiency in crowd management by using digital signage solutions. As per the studies, about 55% of the world’s population resides in urban areas and this will rise to 68% by 2050. In such a scenario these cities will have to use technology for improved services. One of the leading candidates among these technologies is outdoor digital signage solutions. The following are some of the ways in which digital signs can improve the safety and quality of life in smart cities.

 Offering Improved Services

In many of the smart cities, you can find self-serving kiosks at public spaces, bus shelters, retail locations. This improves efficiency and customer services. They can be used as self-servicing ticket machines, interactive wayfinding kiosks, drive through self-ordering displays etc. Self-serving displays are already popular in many international fast food joints. This reduces the human manpower required which can be re-allocated for other better purposes. In developed countries, many government services are provided through such interactive kiosks.

Public Safety

Digital signs are very commonly used at traffic signals in many cities. They can be used to provide realtime traffic situation for commuters, live weather updates etc. In the USA they were used for emergency during hurricane season to give vital information. By utilising the existing network authorities can deliver weather alerts and updates across states instantly. This saves a lot of time and helps in reducing casualties from disasters. This practice has been gaining widespread adaptation at times of disaster across the world.

Better Quality of Life

Digital signage solutions such as led billboards have been replacing traditional static billboards. This allows multiple advertisements to be showcased at a single spot reducing the number of billboards. Therefore it makes the city space look nicer and less crowded. They have a lesser environmental impact and a better choice than traditional billboards. Digital Signs are used to deliver an instant update of air quality and sand storms warning in middle eastern countries. They are used to inform about flash floods during monsoons in some cities. Government agencies can deliver better services and improved quality of life to citizens by adopting this platform.

It is very evident that the usage of digital signage solutions is only going to increase in smart cities. The next advancement in them is the integration of facial recognition with this platform to deliver services.