How To Improve Cell Phone Signal?

Cellular signal issues must have troubled you at some point or the other making you search for ways to improve signal reception. Do not look further.

 Here are some methods you can try to improve cell coverage.

Long Term Solutions

Permanent solutions are always better than quick hacks. Take a look at some popular permanent solutions to signal issues.

  • Cell phone booster: Cell phone booster handles the signal issues at your place by taking in the weak signals and amplifying them. The power required by your booster depends on the signal strength in your area. Boosted signals that reach your cell phones offer quality cellular communication.
  • WiFi calling: WiFi calling is not a technically accepted method to improve cellular signal strength but it will come of use to stay connected, in the absence of cellular signal.

Quick Hacks

Here are some of the quick hacks you can try to improve signal strength in your phones.

  • Software update : You might have received messages telling about updating your carrier software. The updates tell your phone what towers to connect to. Therefore, it is ideal to update frequently.
  • Turn off services that you are not using currently: In some cases, services like Bluetooth, WiFi, Near-Field-Communication, etc. may try to send your calls and data over a different service thereby disrupting cellular communication. You can try disabling those services when not in use to improve your cellular reception.
  • Turn on and turn off the airplane settings: Turning the airplane mode on and off forces your phone to reconnect to the cellular network. Sometimes you may be in an area with a good signal but your phone may not show it. You can try turning the airplane mode on and off to allow your phone to reconnect to the network.
  • Check for any damages in your phone: You might have noticed that the people around you with the same carrier as yours are receiving good signals on their phone while your cellular reception is poor. This sheds light on the possibility that your phone is damaged. Get it tested for any damage and if found, fix it at the earliest.
  • Go outside: Indoor cellular signals are often weaker than outdoor signals. Construction materials like concrete used in buildings and homes reduce indoor signal strength. Going out can help improve cellular reception.
  • Get closer to a window: When signals are not blocked by structures made of brick, concrete and sheet metal, their transmission is more or less smooth. When you stand close to an open window, cellular signals find an easy path to pass through. Your cellular communication will be far smooth when you stand close to a window.

If you live in a place that has poor signals, trying the quick hacks might not always be practical. We recommend using permanent solutions like cell phone booster.